Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Naan Bread

The instructions are pretty lengthy, so I won't re-post them here (and there are many recipes for this stuff so you can find your own as well) but keep in mind you can do 1/2 of this work a day ahead, so it's no big scary deal. And the resulting flat bread was extremely yummy...soft, buttery, wicked finger-burning hot right from the cast iron pan, I might add.

We brushed the bread as it cooked with a butter / olive oil mixure with a clove of garlic cooked into it (see bottom of picture). Cooking this outside on a fire pit just made it better somehow. We had this with beef kabobs and tzatziki, but of course, some good strong curry would be ideal with this.

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Angela Dee said...

*DROOL* I adore naan!