Monday, September 17, 2007

CCK KF1301

Behold! After a few years of loyal service from my Global Santoku G-46, I finally added to my "collection" of one good knife with a second one, a Chan Chi Kee KF1301 cleaver, much desired amongst the knife nerds and hard to find (hushed whispers on message boards about how a friend of a friend has an uncle who knows this guy who knows a place in San Francisco you can buy one). For some reason, outside of Kowloon, Hong Kong the only other official listed store is in Toronto. Which leads to...

Much thanks to my Toronto-area buddy Randy, who stopped by Chan Chi Kee Cutlery in Pacific Mall and picked it up for me...actually he bought it for me, what a guy! I've only just unwrapped it and right after I post this I'm going to maim and kill some tomatoes.

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