Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beef Bhuna

I love Indian food. Or, more accurate, I love "curry house" (as the English would call it) food. That is, Indian restaurant food as it came to be in England (and thus North America shortly thereafter). I've been trying to re-create this stuff for years, and it's been tough (although I have butter chicken pretty much down). The internet is full of recipes, but you can never really tell if it's family-style home cooking, or the generic restaurant stuff I craved. So anyway, I purchased online a British cookbook specifically about cooking the restaurant-type stuff at home (www.curryhouse.co.uk). I just did my first dish, Beef Bhuna, and it's just awesome.

I won't post the recipe, as I don't want to violate his copyright and this website is open to anyone. My friends who read this know I'd be happy to make it for them, however. :)

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