Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yes, you likely are thinking this is one of those things anyone can do. And you're right...anyone can make fries. Badly. You see, there is a little bit of technique to this, and many times it isn't done. You know the local fry truck (if you're in Ontario) you hit up all the time? Some do it right, but most of them do it wrong. There are three trucks here in Almonte, and they're all on the wrong side of technique. You can tell not from taste (they taste fine) but texture. If you snack down on the fries and they're tasty-but-limp and even soggy feeling, you know they cheated.

The "thing" is cooking them twice. Once at about 280 F for about eight minutes, then setting them aside to cool. Make a few batches so you have enough. Then you cook them again for about 3 minutes at 375 F. That's it. The first cooking does all the "cooking" and the 2ed does all the color, flavor, and crispiness. If you do the whole step in one go at 375F, see above for cheating = soggy + limp.

Now, leave the skins on. They make the fries look home-made, and the skin has flavor. Same with cutting...just use a knife. If you peel the potatoes and then use some device to make perfect fries, then they just look like they came from a bag which is lame. Yes, I used a mandolin for this batch but it was for five people so I did a pretty large amount and I was in a bit of a rush. :)
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righteye said...

yo jay,
one question from the guy that cant cook. Are you cooking them in oil or oven. You can slap me around later.

Jason said...

I just bought a new deep-fryer, so oil. :) Sunflower oil, in this case.