Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rice Pudding

Whoohoo, we have a new digital camera now, thankfully. Didn't realize how much we used it until it was gone.

Another guest-posting, this time my wife's mother Diane with some old-school rice pudding. It's great. If you've never had rice pudding, this is like a warm bowl of spiced, sweet oatmeal. It would make a great winter-evening dessert.

There are many recipes for this using cooked white rice, but this one is Minute-Rice so you lazy buggers have no excuse to not try this. :)

Also, rather then typing out the recipe, I'm attaching this photo. It's one of those great my-grandma's-had-this-recipe-book-for-a-hundred-years looking thing, all yellowed and covered in tape. It's got character.

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