Friday, June 23, 2006

Pan Fried Pollock

No, it's not a new nickname I've taken's really Alaskan Pollock (aka walleye pollock) which is a member of the cod family. It's the world's most abundant food fish, which is why it's usually the least expensive type you see at the supermarket. You could use pretty much any mild white fish here, but actual Pollock is good for people who arn't exactly crazy about fish, as it's so lightly flavored you'll be mostly tasting whatever seasonings you use. It's the tofu of fish (tm). Ok, I just made that up.

Anyway, I shallow-fried mine outside on my BBQ side burner, in a cast iron pan. Shallow-frying means you're essentially deep-frying it, but as the oil only goes up about one half of the depth of the food, you're deep-frying one side at a time, in effect.

I seasoned the fish with a good coating that was 1/2 flour, and 1/2 Emeril's Essance, with some extra salt and pepper added also.

The vegetables I just blackened a bit on the main grill as I was doing the fish on the side. Served with a cup of steamed white rice.

No recipe other then the spice mix linked previously...hey, that was easy.

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